Meet the Pastor

Pastor Erich Rosenbalm grew up in a pastor’s home in Hamilton, Ohio. At the age of seven, he made a profession of faith. He had a head knowledge of Who Christ is, but he did not have a heart knowledge. He went on believing in that profession of faith for several years. In July of 2003, he went with his family to a revival meeting in Elgin, Illinois. During that revival meeting, the Holy Spirit began working in his heart to convict him of sin and draw him to the Father. On July 11, 2003, he realized he was lost and trusted Jesus Christ for salvation. He was baptized and became a member of Bible-Way Missionary Baptist Church in Hamilton, Ohio, where his dad served as the associate pastor.

In 2004, God began to deal with Bro. Rosenbalm again. This time, it was concerning the call to preach. In September 2004, he surrendered to God’s call on his life. He preached whenever he got the opportunity. In 2011, he was placed over the nursing home ministry at his church. He served there until the Lord led him to move away.

In 2013, the Lord opened a door for Bro. Rosenbalm to move to Murfreesboro, Tennessee. While he was there, he met Bekah. It was very clear to both of them that God had brought them together. They were married in April 2016. Not long after, the Lord began working in both their hearts for them to do more. Bro. Rosenbalm believed that God wanted him to do more in ministry, but he was unsure in which capacity God wanted him to serve. They both began to pray that God would show them His will in the matter. In 2018, God led them up to Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, where Bro. Rosenbalm’s dad had moved to be the pastor of First Baptist Church of Belle Vernon. While there, Bro. Rosenbalm trained under his dad for the ministry. The Lord laid a burden on Bro. Rosenbalm’s heart to be a pastor. In 2021, it came to Bro. Rosenbalm’s attention that there was a church in Butler, Kentucky, that needed a pastor. Bro. Rosenbalm prayed with Bekah that God would show them what He would have them to do. After visiting the church a few times, God made it clear that it was His will for Bro. Rosenbalm to be the pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in Butler, Kentucky. On June 12, 2022, Bro. Rosenbalm was voted in as the pastor.

Pastor and Bekah Rosenbalm have been blessed by the Lord with children. Their first two were miscarried and are in Heaven with the Lord. In 2019, the Lord gave them Grace. In 2021, the Lord gave them Zoey.

Pastor, his family, and the church are excited to see what the Lord is going to do in and through this church for His honor and glory.